Saturday, March 27, 2010

Please, Anybody but Jimmy and Gordon

Let someone Win Beside Rick Henderick Teams !!

What we need is a Good ol' Ford to Win...







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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tiger Woods is coming back, Not so Good Really

"He's no Role Model"

Woods is a Scum Bag. No Count

Cheater. But, let him Win the

Masters again and all will be


Not by God though. And many


Woods will Cheat again and again.

Just wait and see people.

He'll just be alot more Careful

next time he Cheats.

( I wonder what the Odds makers

are giving on him Cheating

again ?! )

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Thank God theirs going to be Nascar Racing this Weekend.



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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Get Some Cousin Carl

Lets go Fords.

( Carl, Matt, Kayne and Biff. )

Lets Go Racing Boys...

And Carl, "Please Wreck Brad

again and again."

( anybody, anybody but jimmy
win... )

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nascar / Jimmy Johnson

If Jimmy Johnson keeps Winning it will be Bad for Nascar.
No one Likes the same Guy Winning all the Time. No One.

It's Bad for the Sport. 42 other Teams work their Butts
off all week long just to see Johnson Win Again.

Last Year Johnson Jumped the Start of a Race. He was
in second place and by the Rules the Leader must cross
the Start Finish Line First. Well Johnson past the Leader
well before the Line, but Nascar did Nothing ??!

Nascar better tighten up. And Stop helping Johnson out
so much. At Charlotte, 4 Years ago, Nascar threw Caution
after Caution late in the Race so that the Track Sponsored
Car ( Lowes ) could Win the Race. Johnson Won... Fact.

Rick Hendrick has 6 Cars in every Race. Counting Steward
and Newman. ( They use his Engines and Chassis ) He is only
suppose to have 4 total.

Nascar Better Shape Up OR They will lose even more Fans...

Nascar is only Cutting their own Throats.

Lets Pray they wake up pretty soon.

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