Sunday, August 26, 2012

Matt Kenseth vs. Tony " Cry Baby " Steward

  At the Bristol, TN. Race last night Matt and Tony got together and Crashed.
They were Racing for the Lead ! Matt Kenseth did a Cross Over move on Tony
Steward after Steward had passed him. Matt was passing him back when Tony
decided not to give Matt Racing Room. ( Tony " Cry baby " Steward had only to
move up the 5' to 6' feet, plenty of room, to the outside wall ! ) But instead they
crash and Tony blames Matt for the Wreck ?! Idiot ...
  Believe me, it was some Great Racing at that moment. Then ol' " Cry baby " throws
his helment at Matts car. Hitting it. ( the car won by the way ) You see the problem is,
cry baby forgot he was about to drop out of the top ten in Points! And when he caused
a wreck that took himself out. Thats Called, " Self Destruction ! " Which I'm all for
when it comes to Tony Steward. You see, it helps Matt's teammate Carl Edwards get
alot closer to making the Top Ten in Points and the Chase for the Championship !!
  So, Keep It Up Tony Steward !!!!  You Jackass ...........  Plus he throws like a girl !!
  (  ie." Boy That Tony Steward is A Whiner " Song By : Cletus T. Judd. Great and
  Funny Video on YouTube !!!!  )

    And the Track, isn't as good as before. As they for "God Only Knows Why"
     Grinded 2 Degrees off the Banking at the Top of the Corners ??!! Need to
             repave the Track and put it back guys .........

   Later friends

Thursday, August 23, 2012

" NFL Regular Season Just Around The Corner Friends !! "

" Great Win For Nascar Driver Greg Biffle !! "

The Biff  Powered his FORD, # 16,  To the Win at Michigan

International SpeedWay. It's The Biff's Second Win of The

Season. Jimmy Johnson Lost a Motor as Greg Biffle Closed

In Him. After the Race Jimmy Johnson Ran away from Reporters

Not Wishing To Talk. JJ Has Never Won at Michigan. And The

Late Engine Problem seemed to have rained on his Parada.

Congrat's Again To Greg Biffle On His Big Win At Michigan   

Saturday, August 18, 2012

How 'bout That # 9 FORD !! Winner ...

       Marcus Ambrose # 9 Ford Driver for Richard Petty
       Put on a Whale of a Show at Watkins Glen, NY !!
         Great Win Ambrose  !!!! Greater Race  ...