Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good Luck To Payton Manning in Denver !!

" New Orleans Saints "

  The New Orleans Saints I Love. Especially QB Drew Bress.
But I thought back in 2009 NFC Championship Game.
That the Saints did get away with alot of Late Hits on QB Brett Favre.
Far to many hits on a QB. 
  Now it's Bounty's Out on other Teams Player's !? ( this is nothing
new. not new at all. the n.y. jets should be looked at too. as well as
others. )
  The Coach has been Suspended for a Year with no pay. I agree.
Team Fined $ 500,000.00. Defensive Coordinated Williams
is also Suspended for a Year. And more sure to come.

  The Saints are not the only Guilty Team !! Look at the Baltimore
Ravens, the NY Jets, 49 er's ect. Coach Rex Ryan put his Asst.
Coaches out near the Sidelines to hurt other Teams players.
Miami Dolphins player Hurt Due to this Coaches Orders.
Has Players Fake Injuries to Rest his Defensive Players !!
Dirt Bag ... Idiot ...
Bad for The Enter NFL !!!!

 May The Saints learn from this and get back to Winning
Super Bowls. Go Saints !!

Cool Bress

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Balloons Flying Over Greenville, SC 2011