Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods

So he isn't so great after all. Last count he was 9 under Par. One a Porn Star ?!
And Cocktail Waitresses ?! You'd think he'd have better taste. But the main point is he has a Wife and children and he's wrong for his transgressions. You'd think Tiger would be stronger than this. Knowing his money will attract lots of Gold Diggers.

Lord knows we all have done wrong in our lives. But 9 women so far !? What was he thinking ?? He had to know that one day he'd get caught. Espcially with affairs with so many ??

Hopefully Tiger can get his act together. Alot of people look up to him. But Tiger let them down. Maybe his Wife can forgive him ? But, with so many women it may be to much and to late.

Lets all Pray for Tiger Woods and hopefully his Family will stay together. Hopefully.

Thank You.

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