Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nascar Needs to Punish: AJ Allmendinger # 43 / Harvick # 29

First, the # 43 Car Caused a Terrible Wreck when he

Intentionally Ran The # 9 Car, Kasey Kahne, into the


This Caused the # 9 Car to come back across the

Track and Take out Several Other Cars.

Someone could've been Killed. The # 9 Car was

AirBorne for a Time. Nearly Clearing The Concrete


AJ is an Idiot.

Second Idiot, Kevin Harvick Meant to Wreck the # 20 Car.

( Joey Logano ) The # 20 Car Turned left into the Corner

and Harvick,# 29 Car, Kept Straight to Wreck the # 20 Car.

Then Harvick Hides behind His Pit Crew Members because

He Knows he's Guilty. Coward ...

Nascar Needs to Put Both of these Drivers on Probation.

( # 43 and # 29 )

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