Monday, October 25, 2010

The Miami Dolphins Got Robbed By The Referee Of A Win Sunday 10-24-10

How Can It Not Be Miami's Ball ??
They recovered The Ball In The End Zone !!

40 Years Of Watching Football And Never
Have The Ref's Made A Call Like That ??

Miami Recovered The Fumble From The Bottom
Of The Pile. MIAMI'S BALL !!!? ( PittsBurg Did
Not Recover The Fumble. Miami Did. ) Miami
Players Can Be Seen Diving On The Ball !!

What The Hey ??!!!!!

And Know this; The Ref. Is From PA. Too ??!

Owns a Business Their. ( PA. ) WHY Is He

OFFiciating This Game Then ???????

Miami vs Pittsburg ( PA. ) ??

" Conflict Of Interest " - " Perhaps "

" Bad Business NFL ... "

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